1. Visit the monuments of the city without long waits
The city is quieter, there are fewer queues, and the photos look great without a lot of tourists as part of the props.
2. Attending the Vela de Santa Ana
If there is a neighborhood famous par excellence as prototype of the purest sevillanía, that is Triana. At the end of July (from the 21st to the 26th), a verve where you can enjoy the authentic magic of Seville: flamenco, grilled sardines and a good atmosphere in Betis Street, on one of the banks of the Guadalquivir River. Make it pass and review forced if you are in the city that week.
3. Watch a movie in the summer theaters
In Seville there are numerous summer cinemas (open air), with ambigú and current films, documentaries, VOS ... a wonder
4. Splash in Magic Water, the park of Seville in summer
Seville has an amusement park called Isla Mágica, set in the Discovery of America and the pirates. For a couple of years, they have opened another park, aquatic, with wave pool, slides, giant donuts ... come on, the perfect plan to spend the day to soak.
5. Embrujarte with the Nights in the Gardens of the Alcázar
Between June and September every night (except on Sundays) concerts take place in the best of the possible scenarios, and is that if it surprises in the daytime, the Alcazar of Seville at night falls in love. If you run out of tickets, you can also take a look at the Cartuja Monastery show poster.
6. Eat snails
Most people drive you crazy! The truth and truth is that in few places they serve as in Seville, here the secret is in the sauce! Some of the most famous places to eat snails in Seville are: Cateto, Kiki, Tremendo or Casa Antonio.
7. Take a cruise ... to Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Between May and September, every weekend, cruises sail from Torre del Oro to Sanlúcar (Cadiz), sailing through the water as Juan Sebastián Elcano or Christopher Columbus himself did.
8. nap
In Seville in the summer siesta is almost obligatory, the best thing to do after eating is to lie down for a while, it is the hottest hours, so take advantage and rest to enjoy more of the night!
9. Stroll along the new Guadalquivir river bank and have a drink at the New York Dock
Already inaugurated the new bank, is a walk of the most pleasant, especially at sunset. In addition, in the area known as New York Dock there are several chill out terraces with music from where to watch the sunset mojito in hand
10. Go to the beach in Seville
Seville practically has beach, and is that less than an hour and a half you can enjoy the majority of beaches of Huelva and Cadiz. Another option is to go to the Beach Club that they have inaugurated in the Muelle de las Delicias, it is known as the Beach of Seville because it has several pools, umbrellas, sand, and even you can surf.
11. Go for rebates
July and August are fabulous months to go shopping taking advantage of the summer sales. But do not think that I propose a fresh shopping center. My idea is to use the occasion to visit Sierpes street, one of the classic commercial streets of the center of Seville, where they place tarpaulins to shade the pedestrians


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