This restaurant collects in its menu the traditional Andalusian cuisine with the best native products, giving the opportunity to have a unique and different customer experience.

It is located in an old mansion, with high ceilings, wooden floors and high windows, built in 1926. The back of the building is surrounded by the remains of the wall of the Royal Alcazar and in the background, the spectacular Santa Cruz neighborhood.

It gathers in one space one of the best gastronomic experiences of Seville, offering a menu with the best products on the market in a magical environment, contributing its own personality and style to the traditional Andalusian recipe book.

The main successes and quality that characterizes Oriza, is mainly due to the constancy and tradition, together with the own and non-transferable values that have helped him to a constant evolution of his stoves. All this is backed by its more than 30 years of experience.

This place is defined as a place to celebrate life, where it is possible to excite all our senses from the moment the main door is crossed. The six majestic halls that are inside, completely arranged independently, stand as the perfect place to celebrate any type of event, so that unforgettable memories are created and lived.

As a novelty, and in order to offer its customers the best gastronomic experience possible, it presents a new menu in which half portions will take center stage, in this way it will be possible to taste the novelties of each season.

It is undoubtedly an excellent recommendation for those who love good food and who want to live a unique experience in one of the most charming areas of this wonderful city.


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