Extension of the exhibition of the works of Rubens in the palace house of the Countess of Lebrija until next November 24

These majestic works of the Flemish school baroque painter, Peter Paul Rubens, arrived in Seville last April from the Royal Museums of Turin-Sabauda Gallery to lodge in the palace house of the Countess of Lebrija. As a result of the great success of the exhibition and the large number of visits, the city of Seville has decided to extend its duration until next November.

These paintings that are housed in Cuna Street, are characterized by having a philosophical, moral and allegorical content. They belong to the last stage of the painter's life, who worked and lived for a long time in Spain, especially in Madrid, and in Italy, in Rome, Florence and Genoa. With its arrival, it is intended to establish an open dialogue with the mythological figures found in the arabesques of the courtyard and the Greco-Roman classical-inspired marble busts preserved in the museum.

The two works on display tell the stories of Hercules.

The first of them, Hercules in the garden of the Hesperides, appears the hero taking from the tree the golden apples that were guarded in the garden of the Herpérides, which are the fruits with which he fulfilled his eleventh work. Hercules leans with his right arm on the wooden club he made for his first job. At the same time, he steps on the head of the fierce snake that lies on his feet.

The second, Deyanira tempted by Fury. The lady that appears is the wife of Hercules. It should be noted that, the factions of this lady, reminiscent of those of Rubens' second wife, Hèléne Fourment. She appears looking up attentively listening to what the goddess of revenge whispers, Fury.

A project for the future is proposed, under the name of “masterpieces of the Italian collections, which aims to bring from Italy various masterpieces of the most important Italian museums.


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