23rd Carriage Exhibition
Every year the Carriage Exhibition is held in the Real Maestranza Bull Ring in Seville. It involves old horse-drawn carriages. Instead of entering the Bull Ring we recommend watching the event from the street, on Paseo Colón or Calle Adriano, enjoying a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere.

The "Pescaito" dinner
On Saturday night (29.04.2017) the April Fair begins with the "Pescaito" dinner. For foreign visitors or people who don't pertain to a private "caseta" where this traditional dinner is celebrated, we recommend what is known in Seville as "El Pescaito Alternativo", which can either be in bars offering free fish with a drink or to take away in any of the city's many locales.

Before heading to the fair, enjoy tapas in the centre. This isn't simply down to the price of food in the fair area: the fair atmosphere extends across the city and it's worth eating a little earlier and stopping in some of the bars on the way to the fairground.

Ask for a map of the fairground
All of the streets at the fairground are named after bullfights, meaning finding your bearings isn't particularly easy. The Local Government offers maps at information points to help you out.

Meeting point: corner by the Matamoros store
The entrance is not a great meeting point. Normally people stop to look at the entranceway as it changes every year but it is always comprised of several arches. There are always a lot of people around and it's difficult to find who you're looking for. We recommend the corner by the Matamoros store, opposite the entrance, or the Puerta de la Churrería.

Free dressmaker service at the fairground
There is a dressmaker service at the fairground. This is a free service provided by the flamenco fashion company, Molina. The shop is situated in a module provided by the Local Government on Flota de Indias.

24-hour pharmacy
There is a pharmacy opposite the fair entrance, on the corner of the main building. It always helps if you've forgotten a basic first-aid kit.

Churros and pastries on Calle Flota de Indias
Before leaving the fair you have to have "breakfast" whatever the time, whether it's churros or pastries and hot chocolate. There are various churro outlets opposite the entrance on Calle Flota de Indias. You need to take a ticket first before ordering. The gypsies' pastries are special http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/aqui-la-tierra/aqui-tierra-ya-huele-bunuelos-feriaabril/ 3950338/ pequeñas casetas, with outdoor tables.

Cool at nights
Although it is very hot during the day, it always cools down at night. Bear this in mind when thinking of what clothing to wear or take with you.

Fireworks from Puente de Triana (Triana Bridge)
Watch the fireworks from Puente de Triana. On the last day of the April Fair, on Saturday 06.05.2017, it all ends with the famous firework display. The most special place to enjoy these is Puente de Triana as they are set off on the river and the sound and light reflected are impressive.


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