This exhibition adds to the wide and varied offer of the city within its Cultural Fall.

It opens its doors from October 10 to December 15, in the Navigation Pavilion of the Isla de la Cartuja that hosts the absolute premiere of this multimedia and inverting exhibition that combines image, sound, light and even aroma to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

This exhibition takes a technological leap by extending the multimedia show to all surfaces of the exhibition hall, and incorporating carefully selected musical pieces and aromatic essences for each chapter of this extraordinary multimedia story. It will become a unique sensory experience.

"With this exhibition we want to bring the universe of a sublime creator closer to the public, whose art is full of sensuality and elegance, especially in its golden age," says Cristina Ortega, representative of Nomad Art.

A studied play of lights, thousands of large-scale moving images projected on twenty giant screens and an exquisite musical selection will make the work of the Austrian painter leave the canvas in "The Gold of Klimt", allowing the viewer to explore his famous portraits, landscapes and their spectacular friezes covered with gold, silver and tiles in an authentic explosion of color.

The exhibition will bring the painter´s life and work closer to the public, through nine chapters narrated between informative rooms, interactive elements, exhibition spaces and a unique "illusion room". All this with a didactic vision and special attention to the little ones, who will have an exclusive area to let their artistic sensibility fly.

Klimt, is considered by art history as the greatest exponent of modernism and symbolism that takes place in the city of Vienna before 1900. His painting is extremely ornamental thanks, in part, to the artistic education received and the influence of his father . The gold of Byzantine art, the currents of the old and new Orient, geometric ornaments or eroticism and the sensuality of Italian and English pre-Raphaelism abound.

Tickets are limited and can now be purchased at www.elorodeklimt.es and at the box office of the Navigation Pavilion.


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